2021 Spring Showstoppers


Crabapple’s Floriculture Team lists this season’s Top 5 Spring Showstopper Flowers.

We have based our Top Five on Color Vibrance, Heartiness, Easy Maintenance and having the Gosh Darn Prettiest Petals in the Land.

Zinnia : The zinnia can withstand heat, dry conditions and hard sun, and they are easy to grow. Zinnias have full flowers with multiple petals on each stem. The zinnia flower can have single or multi-colored petals. They come in varying sizes, ranging from 6 to 40 inches (15.2 cm to 101.6 cm) in height and just shy of 1 inch to 7 inches (2.5 cm to 17.8 cm) in diameter.

Marigolds : Marigolds are a gardener's dream because they're easy to care for and have a lengthy blooming period. Marigolds are considerably easy to maintain indoors and out. Your best results for growing marigolds will come if you put them in full sun. The Southeast yields great marigolds because of the heat

Petunias: The petunia performs well in heat and along the coast. These traits make it perfect for the Southeastern region. Like the two other flowers discussed previously in this article, the petunia is quite easy to grow and maintain. Especially because of the warmer temperatures you find in the Southeast, the petunia will have an extensive flowering stage. You can count on a petunia to flower from the moment spring has sprung until the first frost.

Lantana: Happiest in full sun, Lantana will flower from June to October. Once established, it is highly pest, disease and drought resistant. This perennial’s showy orange and pink blooms are ones that butterflies adore.

Dragon Wing Begonia: Dragon Wing is an amazing bedding plant. Due to its size, the impact of its colorful form can be seen from quite a distance. It easily stands alone but can also be mixed with other bedding plants in a large container or in a perennial border. The plant can be grown in sun or shade; my personal experience is that it thrives in morning sun but needs protection in the afternoon.