6 Reasons You Should Choose LED Lighting over Incandescent

When it comes to professional grade Landscape Lighting, LED has become the NUMBER ONE choice for professional designers and installers. Reputable outdoor lighting firms only install LED. Let’s look at why LED is now the best choice for Professional Landscape Lighting.

  1. Changing Bulbs will be a thing of the past

If you install an LED Landscape lighting system, the lifetime of the bulb will extend past the 10 years. Brass Fixtures carry a lifetime warranty on goth the fixture and the LED.

  1. Never buy a Replacement bulb again

A typical 324-watt par 36 halogen landscape light bulb costs about $10 each. This makes your 10-year savings (on bulbs alone) about $700 with LED Landscape lighting systems.

  1. LED is cool

LED Landscape Lighting is much cooler to the touch than halogen bulbs. Cooler bulbs mean less chance that ants and other wildlife are drawn to the fixtures for heat in the winter months.

  1. Your fixtures last longer

The high temperatures generated by halogen bulbs reduce the lifespan of fixtures. Then seals (and other components) are constantly heated and cooled the lose their elasticity and fail before they should.

  1. Same Illumination – Lower Cost

LED Lighting requires a fraction of the power of incandescent bulbs. Consider the numbers: a typical incandescent lighting system might have 15 35-watt fixtures. It the system were powered for 8 hours per night; the power usage would cost about $150 per year.

  1. Color Your World

LED lights come in a range of colors including warm for your lighting. Use a ‘cooler’ bulb to green-up your landscaping and use a ‘warmer’ bulb to give your house a warm and cozy  appearance.