America's 3 Most Popular Outdoor Lighting Techniques

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Landscape Lighting Designers typically work from the same book of techniques. In this article, we’ll shine some light on America’s most popular outdoor lighting techniques. The most important reason the install outdoor lighting is security. A dark property is an invitation for crime. Darkness creates opportunity for the ambush and home invasion Perps prefer darkness! Well-lit homes will be passed over by the bad guys. Attractive exterior up lighting effectively creates gigantic shadows if there is an intruder nearby.

  1. Home Lighting

The primary focus for most homeowners begins with the front of the house. This is typically accomplished with up-lights secured about one foot away from the foundation. The fixtures are pointed up toward the soffit of columns. Tip:  Aiming the fixture up will reduce harsh exposure on the lower part of the wall. Strategic Design will create gentle scalloped effect on the home. Do not place fixtures directly under the windows. Fixtures should flank either side of the windows and highlight the architectural textures of the house for example, up lighting brink or stone will highlight the architectural features of the house and create depth and warmth. The lighting design should extend the length of the house. Well placed lighting will set off the scope of the property.

  1. Landscape Lighting

Featuring hardscape, trees and plants are the 2nd most often used lighting technique. Crepe myrtles are ideal for lighting because of their unique colors and textures. The heavy bark of river birches is also ideal for landscape lighting. Placement of the fixture is key; Carefully installed between the tree and the primary viewing location will reduce unwanted flare from the perspective of the viewer. Hiding fixtures be behind small shrubs are effective and reduce unwanted glare from the perspective of the viewer. Hiding fixtures behind the small shrubs are effective and reduce the chance of the fixture getting damaged by mowers or foot traffic.

  1. Path Lighting

Path Lighting is the third most used technique in outdoor lighting. Path Lights are typically on poles with shades. Path Lights are ideal for walkways, garden paths and a pool surround. Tip – If a fixture Has a 12 ft bean footprint you can place lights about 10 to 15 ft. apart. A scalloped look is attractive and is preferred to completely be flooding an area with light. Offsetting the lights along the pathway will create a balanced look. There are other techniques such as moonlighting, deck lighting and hardscape lighting. Our lighting designers use the right products to create the effect you are looking for: warmth, drama, safety and beauty.