Crabapple's Professional Irrigation Installation

Crabapple Irrigation Experts are specialized in designing and installing new irrigation systems for your residential or commercial project. All systems are uniquely designed and tailored to fit your exact application preferences. Crabapple, Inc.  is an official distributor of Hunter and Rainbird Irrigation Systems and Products.

Our Project Managers will assess the needs of your landscape during an on-site walk through and design an irrigation system that uses the latest technology ensuring efficient water distribution using modern water conservation techniques.

Irrigation systems are highly convenient and add direct value to your home. New technology allows you to manage your entire system directly from your Smart Phone.

Here is what to expect

Utility Locate

Several days before your scheduled installation, we arrange for the utility companies to locate and mark your underground utilities such as gas, power, communications, and water. This will ensure our installation crew is aware of exactly where your services are located and that your sprinkler / irrigation installation goes as smooth as possible.

Walk Through

On the day of your installation our crew leader will begin by walking the job with you. Here our crew leader will go over job specific details such as where you would like your programmable controller and any other concerns you may have


Our irrigation installations are trenched using our state of the art track trenching machine. Lines are always installed at least 16 inches below the surface and well below the freeze zone. Irrigation / Sprinkler heads have been designed for superior placement to not only water your yard properly but also limit water waste.


Testing & Professional Maintenance

Once the system is in it will be tested to ensure full functionality and final clean- up will take place. At this point our foreman will go over the system with you teaching you how to use the programmable controller. If you are a current Crabapple Maintenance Customer, Our Crabapple Team is onsite will continue to oversee and manage your irrigation system at weekly lawn maintenance appointments.