Control Weeds in Lawns with Pre-Emergent Herbicide in Late Winter

To ensure lush green lawns without unsightly weeds, the key is to apply a pre-emergent weed killer. “Pre-emergent” means that a weed is stopped cold before it can sprout or emerge from the seed. “Herbicide” means weed-killer.

How is this possible? Certain lawn chemicals prevent seeds from germinating and/or prevent seedlings from growing to maturity. They control certain enzymes needed for germination.

Crabapple selects the right kind of pre-emergent by matching both the type of weed that needs to be controlled as well as the type of turfgrass in the lawn. Most pre-emergents contain synthetic chemical ingredients (benefin, isoxaben, pendimethalin, atrazine, dithiopyr, trifluralin and others), and the only organic pre-emergent available at this time is corn gluten meal.

Pre-emergent weed killers have little effect on full grown lawns, and especially on dormant Bermuda or Zoysia lawns. Crabapple LandscapEXPERTS select the best pre-emergents for Fescue lawns as well.

Pre-emergents must be matched to the type of weed that needs to be controlled.  Some pre-emergents kill grassy plants (like crabgrass, poa annua or goosegrass) while others control only broad-leaved plants (like dandelions, chickweed and clover).

Rest assured that Crabapple LandscapEXPERTS provide safe and effective weed control by identifying the types of weeds at hand, the type of turf and by following the herbicide label application directions exactly.