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Lawn & Plant Care Program

Turf Program

Our program for keeping turf lush and healthy has evolved over many years and will continue to evolve as new products and procedures are developed. The basic elements do not change however, and these make up our program. Healthy turf is the best way to prevent weed, disease, and insect problems; however, it may become necessary to treat unexpected problems. Should this occur, we would diagnose the problem and suggest corrective action and its cost. Customer approval must be received before any treatments are made.

  • Round 1: The first application of the year will consist of a pre-emergent and weed control. This round is designed to prevent weed problems. We will also apply a fertilizer formulated for root development to aid in the spring green-up. This application will take place in the early spring.
  • Round 2: In the late spring we will apply another fertilizer that will also help in the green-up process. Pre-emergent and weed control will be applied for the second time.
  • Round 3: In the mid-summer we will apply a time release fertilizer to help maintain color. We will do spot weed control as needed.
  • Round 4: Your late summer application will consist of a time release fertilizer that will help the turf stay healthy during the intense summer heat. This will also help the turf in case we have a drought. Weed control will be applied if needed. It is still a good time for aeration.
  • Round 5: For your early fall application we will apply a fertilizer designed to help build a strong root system and a pre-emergent and broadleaf weed control
  • Round 6: Fertilizer is applied to Fescue at this time. Lime is applied during the winter months to ensure your lawns use fertilizer efficiently. (Warm Season Turf.)

Woody Plant Program

Established plants are normally fertilized twice per year in late spring and early summer. In our heavy clay soils, this has proven to be enough. As is the case with turf, the best way to prevent disease and insect problems is with healthy plants.  Should unexpected problems occur that our normal application of preventive sprays does not control, the problems will be handled the same way as the turf.  Woody plants more than thirty feet (30’) in height are not included in our program.

Application Materials Applied Activity
1 Complete Fertilizer Treatment Balanced Feeding
  Insecticide, Fungicide, Mitecide Scale Insects
2 Complete Fertilizer Treatment Balance Feeding
  Insecticide, Fungicide, Mitecide Scale Insects